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Zacharisma studio is one of the leading engineering firms located in Cairo .It was established in 1991 by Arch. Zakarya Muhammad. All that time, The firm was known as Zacharisma studio.

Zacharisma studio has been growing ever since through its serious contribution to various vital projects for both the private and public sectors. The main objective of the firm is to provide the highest possible quality of services within acceptable cost margins by calibrating new technology & science with old experiences and professionals, while still remaining competitive.

Zacharisma studio offers a wide range of engineering and project management expertise. The services rendered by the firm cover almost the full range of professional engineering services such as project identification, permeability and feasibility studies, property and site appraisals, selection of new sites for projects, design, detailed engineering of projects, construction management, procurement, environmental studies, construction supervision, inspection services, quality control and training of personnel.

Zacharisma studio, working team consists of an employed group of highly skilled qualified engineers competent in the various fields of engineering. Theses engineers from the core of the various specialized departments of the organization, occupying the top and middle management positions. A vast library of computer software is used to produce work ranging from simple letters to complicated graph draw.